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Teamplast SRL since the year 1998 we are EN/ISO 9001:2000 certified and we are specialized in the production of Teflon back-up rings and other anti-extrusion devices.

Our main customers are German and USAworldwide distributors and our most representative markets are the following ones:


We produce a wide range of articles, mainly used in pneumatic,hydraulic, fluid-power  applications. Our full line of products includes not only O-rings,solid,single turn ( scarf cut ),multi-turn ( spiral cut ) and concave back-up rings, but also not-standard parts based on customer's drawing.


Considering the USA market, our productions are in accordance with Military Standard references especially MS28774 - MS27595 - MS28782 - MS28773 - TF171


Our production process allows us to supply our customers with a good delivery-time flexibility and  both with high and very small volumes (also 1 piece ). Our current production range includes diameters going from 3 mm to 900 mm in various compounds ( virgin, glass filled, carbon filled, bronze filled and some other non-standard materials ).


Our production process follows our customer's certification in accordance to VDA 6.3 and VDA 6.5 norm and it is regularly revised with annual audits. We produce very high “ zero-defect “ quantities sorted 100% with our automatic visual inspection machine.


production capacity

At the moment our production dept has 22 automatic lathes, 6CNC machines and traditional lathes for very big diameters ( up to 900 mm ).